This stellar course with such a great teacher in David really was terrific. In a field that doesn’t always offer you the good “feels”. We had an outstanding group, lead by an outstanding facilitator in you. Your kindness, thoughtfulness, clarity, and dogged determination to have us think, feel, and share has been so rewarding to me in multiple ways. I have already used some of the jewels – both rediscovered in me, and ‘unearthed’ in this course to start a dialogue with my local hospital group to increase the impact of patient partner voices. Ultimately, this will make such a huge difference in not just how I engage, but how I feel about my engagement. To me, this is priceless. I really hope that we will continue to be connected.

Michael Halas,
Michael Halas

I have recently completed David Gilbert's Patient Leadership Course. It certainly increased my confidence as a Health Consumer / Carer Rep. in Australia. I highly recommend David's course to other health consumer reps seeking to build their skills & confidence. David is such a welcoming friendly fellow. His term "The Jewels from the Caves" of suffering really resonated with me. Davids course would be great for other health consumer reps like me or health professionals wanting to sharpen their skills in partnering with consumers as per the NSQHS Standard 2 Partnering with Consumers.

Consumer/Carer Rep
Deb Letica

Probably the first time I’ve joined a 2.5 hour evening session after full-on day at work and didn’t want it to end. An international mix of patients, clinicians, managers digging deep on leadership qualities is a powerful learning environment, superbly led by David Gilbert.

Primary Care CEO
Helen Parker

I truly believe that Patient Leadership in healthcare is the most important health systems innovation I've seen in 40 years in the game. David Gilbert is one of the true pioneers and this is a great opportunity for Oz colleagues to learn from a true innovator

Grant Phelps, Medical Leader and FAICD
Grant Phelps

It was a delight to meet you and participate in the leadership program. It was a wonderful experience – connecting through the the heart and mind with such a diverse rich mix of patient leaders. I love being challenged to think about new ideas and ways to look at things differently, or from a different set of glasses. I did that a lot which is a perfect way to kick off 2021. Personally, the timing was excellent. Your model and our discussion is helping me reframe some possibilities going forward.

Donna Rubenstein, Patient Partner
Donna Rubenstein

I wish all involved in healthcare could attend this course. David's training was insightful, thought-provoking & developed my knowledge of approaches and attitudes towards meaningful service user engagement. It built my confidence and helped me to understand that my 'skills' have value. I have been empowered in my role.

Someone with a long-term health condition,
Someone with a long-term health condition

I did the first cycle of this and thoroughly recommend it - provides both helpful framework for critical thinking and more practical strategy tips for getting things done. Well worth attending!

Lived Experience Practitioner,
Lived Experience Practitioner

David provided advice and support recently for our senior team on health commissioning, which was both illuminating and engaging. The session was pitched just right and enabled the team to have an informed discussion around the potential options we could consider and the strategy required. As a result, we have developed an approach towards health related funding which starts from a more knowledgeable position, and already identified routes to funding. Thanks to InHealth Associates, we feel more confident in pursuing these opportunities.

Director of Services
Andy Cross

I have worked with David Gilbert of InHealth Associates regularly since 2007. I have always been impressed by his unique combination of ‘patient’ focus, informed by his own experience and extensive networks, and his in depth knowledge of the working of local and national health decision making. David has a very flexible and knowledgeable approach to engaging staff and patients in health systems and in finding ways that work beyond the usual (often stale) structures. David has effectively delivered research projects for us and has worked on the development of several funding bids. I can highly recommend David and InHealth Associates as a partner

David Jones, Head of Involvement and Shared Practice
Diabetes UK

I have known David Gilbert since early in my time as CEO of National Voices. He is a valued colleague, a powerful service user champion and one of the most interesting, engaging and thoughtful people on the patient empowerment scene. He has been very influential in shaping my own thinking and approach.

Jeremy Taylor, CEO
Jeremy Taylor