Podcasts and Videos

Australia and New Zealand Consumer Health Forum interview

David Gilbert was interviewed as part of a panel at the March 2021 Australia and New Zealand Consumer Health Forum. This 15 minute video explores the next steps toward making The Patient Revolution a reality across the globe - in particular it envisages widening the opportunities for Patient Leaders at all levels and suggests the notion of ‘career’ pathways in order to embed Patient Leadership.

Trusting Those Who Know: Leading with Patients as Partners

David talks to Jeanne Hardacre about Patient Leadership – challenges and opportunities – during and beyond Covid

Paving the way for truly patient-led healthcare

David, in his role as Patient Director for the Sussex MSK Partnership, tells his story about the challenges at the forefront of a patient leadership revolution and the opportunities that lay ahead.

The Moonlight World

David’s ‘digital patient story’ – a lyrical narrative on his mental health care experiences, developed during a Patient Voices workshop

Tales of The Asylum

David talks to Mark Brown about being a mental health inpatient in the late 80s and early 90s.

Moving Towards a Model of Patient Leadership

In the early days of Patient Leadership, David explained why we must move towards a model of patient-influenced change and away from the current model of 'them and us' that exists between professionals and patients.