Podcasts and Videos

Duke NUS Medical School

An interview with the Duke NUS Medical School Think Tank series

Australia and New Zealand Consumer Health Forum interview

David Gilbert was interviewed as part of a panel at the March 2021 Australia and New Zealand Consumer Health Forum. This 15 minute video explores the next steps toward making The Patient Revolution a reality across the globe - in particular it envisages widening the opportunities for Patient Leaders at all levels and suggests the notion of ‘career’ pathways in order to embed Patient Leadership.

Trusting Those Who Know: Leading with Patients as Partners

David talks to Jeanne Hardacre about Patient Leadership – challenges and opportunities – during and beyond Covid

Paving the way for truly patient-led healthcare

David, in his role as Patient Director for the Sussex MSK Partnership, tells his story about the challenges at the forefront of a patient leadership revolution and the opportunities that lay ahead.

The Moonlight World

David’s ‘digital patient story’ – a lyrical narrative on his mental health care experiences, developed during a Patient Voices workshop

Tales of The Asylum

David talks to Mark Brown about being a mental health inpatient in the late 80s and early 90s.

Moving Towards a Model of Patient Leadership

In the early days of Patient Leadership, David explained why we must move towards a model of patient-influenced change and away from the current model of 'them and us' that exists between professionals and patients.