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Integrate the power of creativity into your organisation
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Arts & Health 

The benefits

Safe spaces to explore problems from different angles
Creative approaches that overcome challenges in improving services
Better dialogue between staff, teams and patients
Improved morale and enhanced creative capacity for professionals and patient leaders

How it works

You may want to introduce creative elements to mainstream engagement work. Or you may want to go further – draw on creative approaches to reframing issues and developing solutions. Or want to bring in creative workshops to aid staff and patient well-being. Creative practice enables safer dialogue on contested issues, shines a different light on ‘wicked issues’ and helps people explore their similarities, differences and common humanity. 

Led by David Gilbert—who is a published poet and author—and Kate James, we offer an array of writing and collaborative arts workshops. We draw on an extended network of visual artists, musicians, singers and composers to provide new ways of working on old problems, whether about safety on wards or recovery and wellbeing. We aim to help people reframe narratives in order to develop new ‘stories’ about themselves and others.

Praise for our Arts & Health service

Working with InHealth Associates has brought a wealth of insights on how, in a meaningful way, people who use services can be put at the centre of our work
Paul Jenkins, Chief Executive
The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Integrate the power of creativity into your organisation

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