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Research & Evaluation

Understand and measure the patient-centred impact of what you do
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Research & Evaluation 

The benefits

Find out what works, what helps and gets in the way, who needs what support to make things better
Learn how to define and measure success and design better metrics for engagement
Develop the capacity to undertake your own evaluation and share learning

How it works

You may want to research the impact of interventions through short term feedback on quality improvement initiative or plan longer term rigorous quantitative or qualitative approaches to capture and share learning. Or be trying to find ways to evaluate complex new programmes of work or innovative approaches to delivery. Or shift the metrics you use so as to be more patient-focused. Or simply want to run a focus group or surveys that lead to impact on decision-making and change how you do things.

Our dedicated research and evaluation team has wide-ranging expertise across different methodological approaches. We aim to include patients and carers in co-design and co-delivery and can help you build their capacity to carry out the work. We always focus on what matters to people who use services and can also undertake creative and community-centred approaches to getting the data you need to innovate and operate effectively in a complex, fast-changing environment.

Research & Evaluation case study

Making IPS Count – an evaluation of mental health employment support

Rachel Papworth and David Gilbert undertook two major service evaluations of ‘Individual Placement and Support’. IPS is an evidence-based and holistic approach to supporting people with significant mental health conditions into employment. The first evaluation explored what helped and got in the way of implementing IPS across six 'early adopter' localities. The second evaluation focused on two localities in London to explore the role of the voluntary sector in such implementation. Both evaluations involved extensive qualitative research with IPS clients, staff and managers to understand who needs to do what to ensure an effective and sustainable IPS service.

Praise for our Research & Evaluation service

InHealth Associates bring a very flexible and knowledgeable approach to engaging staff and patients in health systems and in finding ways that work beyond the usual (often stale) structures. David has effectively delivered research projects for us and has worked on the development of several funding bids. I can highly recommend David and InHealth Associates as a partner
David Jones, Head of Involvement and Shared Practice

Understand and measure the patient-centred impact of what you do

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