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Consultancy & Advice

We will work with you to undertake effective patient and public engagement
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Consultancy & Advice 

The benefits

Strategies, cultures, systems and processes that ensure engagement is part of everyday practice
Effective engagement leading to improved services and sustained impact on quality
Better patient and carer experiences Support teams to improve, re-design and integrate services alongside people with particular conditions or across clinical pathways
Better engagement with communities, the public and patients throughout the commissioning cycle – See the Engagement Cycle

How it works

You may want to make your organisation ‘patient-centred’ but don’t know quite how. You may be unsure what approach to use when redesigning services. Or be stuck figuring out how to ‘bring patients and the public with you’ when making big changes. You may be reliant on traditional methods of engagement – feedback and representation that do not seem to be having as much of an impact as you want. You may have heard a bit about ‘patient leadership’ but don’t know what it means in practice.

We will work with you, your staff, patients and partners to co-design and co-deliver your needs. From understanding needs and reframing how to look at things, to undertaking specific interventions or coming up with systemic improvements – we practice what we preach. Our patient-led teams will leave you with a sustainable programme of work that can be scaled up and sustained.

Praise for our Consultancy & Advice service

Thanks to support and advice from InHealth Associates we have developed an approach towards health related funding which starts from a more knowledgeable position, and have already identified routes to funding. Thanks to InHealth Associates, we feel more confident in pursuing these opportunities.
Andy Cross, Director of Services

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