Henie Lustgarten

Quality Improvement and Leadership Advisor

Henie has over 30 years of international experience in health and management. She has worked in the UK, US, Germany and Japan and views user involvement as central to service improvement in health care.  She worked for 6 years as a senior leader of ‘turnaround’ teams in the Modernisation Agency, was Associate Director of the Transformation Team at Barts and the London NHS Trust and senior fellow in health at OPM.  Henie also worked with the Health Foundation’s Co-Creating Health demonstration project for self-management support where she led the commissioning and learning work.  

Henie’s work often brings patients, clinicians, senior staff and boards together to understand each other’s perspectives and align working arrangements and organisational culture accordingly. She develops workshops, conducts focus groups and designs simulation and pathway events that involve patients as effective partners in decision-making.  She also coaches senior managers and clinicians. 

In New York, Henie founded the Health & Housing Consortium which supports people who have both health and housing needs. Henie also developed a managed care programme/HMO for poor patients in the Bronx where she provided leadership to the commissioning, marketing, finance and IT functions.  She consults with several large medical centres on case management systems and care for people with complex needs, including the homeless and people with multiple long term conditions and behavioural health challenges.    

Henie was also Associate Professor at the University of Maryland in Europe and Asia teaching business and management coursesnd is certified in MBTI. 

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