A Little More.... (another note to colleagues about mental health and unwellness)

by David Gilbert

April 10, 2018

As some of you know, I wrote to my colleagues at the Sussex MSK Partnership (Central) about what I am going through. I received a lot of messages of love and support in return. I have also received a lot of those things from readers of my blog. Thank you.

I have followed this up with another short note this morning. I hope by posting this as a blog again, I can encourage a little more gentleness, a little more hope, a little more understanding. And a little less stigma.


Dear all

Thank you for all your kind messages of care and support. Not only do they help me, but I think the dialogue continues to break down the stigma of mental health problems.

It may not be as easy to reach out to a colleague in mental pain as it is to do so for someone in physical pain - why, I am still unsure.

I am slowly getting better, I think, but like anyone who is ill, it goes up and down. And because the brain is unreliable, it is hard to judge.

But I hope to be back in the office next week. I have been kindly supported to continue to work from home.

If anyone is interested, I write poetry, and this has helped a little too. You can find recent ones here

I have added names on to this list that were not included previously. Do feel free to pass this and the original message on.

And do stay in touch. It makes things less lonely - which is also one of the consequences, of mental health problems themselves, of people's uncertain and anxious responses and the stigma.

Best wishes to all you good people



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One comment on “A Little More.... (another note to colleagues about mental health and unwellness)”

  1. Dear DavidThis message is for two reasons. First to thank you for all your blogs and poems, They do so much to encourage me to keep on battling in the fields of PPI and co-production in health and social care.Second but more important, to send my very best wishes for your continued recovery. Goon getting better and make a full return to health and happiness.With best wishesGeoff

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