The Patient-Centred Organisation

We provide strategic advice and support for health and social care organisations so that they can:

  • Work with patients, service users, carers and citizens as true partners for change.
  • Turn the rhetoric of patient and public engagement into everyday practice.
  • Make sure engagement makes a difference to people’s health and lives.

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We provide implementation support to professional teams and patients to work together in order to:

  • Review, improve, and redesign services and clinical pathways
  • Undertake work to transform services so that they are more integrated and patient-centred
  • Discuss and decide on controversial issues, such as prioritisation, reconfiguration and decommissioning

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We support patients to have the capacity to be equal partners in health and healthcare:

  • At ‘individual’ level (my say in health, care and treatment decisions).
  • At ‘collective’ (our say in practice and policy decisions).
  • And, we build the capacity of patients to be change agents.

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We help commissioners work with communities, the public and patients throughout the commissioning cycle. Using our tried and tested model, The Engagement Cycle we can:

  • Develop engagement strategies for CCGs
  • Help embed engagement cultures and systems to support effective commissioning.
  • Undertake engagement activities at each stage of the commissioning cycle – needs assessment, prioritisation exercises, redesign, etc.

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